Baker College Health Science Professional Track

Limited Enrollment Program Application Process Overview

Several programs within the College of Health Science are limited enrollment programs and have limited seats. Therefore, these programs have competitive admission criteria. Depending on the program, select courses may be designated as required or weighted courses. These courses, along with a standardized exam, are used to determine admission to the professional track of the program.

Process: Students applying to Limited Enrollment Programs will complete an online Limited Enrollment Application, which will allow them to rank their campus of choice for programs located on multiple campuses. Selection will be based on the number of seats available and program-specific criteria. Once the student accepts a seat in a program, they are not allowed to choose another program.

Timeline: Limited Enrollment Professional Track Applications are open for nine weeks during the Spring 2022 semester.

January 31:    Application Opens
April 8: Application Closes
May 13: Selection Process Complete

Late Spring 2022 Application

May 23:    Application Opens
June 24: Application Closes
June 24: PSB deadline
July 15: Selection Process Complete

General Requirements

Please review the General Requirements page for an overview of the application requirements.