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photo Shunti'A Lee

Shunti'A Lee

Program of Study: Business Administration

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Passionate about: Becoming a Human Resource Director. This has been a long-time dream of mine, I would love to come up with creative plans to help an organization. Becoming a Human Resource Director will help unlock my creative side. Working with other leaders will help me progress within a professional setting while allowing me to grow as a professional woman.

photo Dominique Grier

Dominique Grier

Program of Study: Nursing - BSN

Hometown: Pontiac, MI

Passionate about: Caring for the most vulnerable populations, leadership, helping others achieve their goals, integrity and have a great work ethic.




photo Nichole Hosner

Nichole Hosner

Program of Study: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Manton, MI

Passionate about: Helping others with anything: small or big, and being present.




photo Corbin Karle

Corbin Karle

Program of Study: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hometown: Tipton, MI

Passionate about: I'm very passionate about making others feel welcome and feel that sense of home wherever they may be.

photo Alishia Beaster

Alishia Beaster

Program of Study: Nursing

Hometown: Jackson, MI

Passionate about: I am passionate about reading books

photo Kristin Mutterspaugh

Kristin Mutterspaugh

Program of Study: Radiation Therapy

Hometown: Jackson, MI

Passionate about: Teaching my daughter kindness but also how to be able to laugh at oneself and hopefully develop a love for science fiction : )

photo Myria Russell

Myria Russell

Program of Study:


Passionate about:


photo Theo Reed

Theo Reed

Program Study: Radiologic Technology

Hometown: Benzonia, MI

Passionate about: Physical fitness.

photo Morgan Erffmeyer

Morgan Erffmeyer

Program Study: Nursing

Hometown: Ravenna, MI

Passionate about: Caring for others


photo Kylie Thelen

Kylie Thelen

Program Study: Nursing

Hometown: Pewamo, MI

Passionate about: Music, so I apologize for all of the humming, whistling, and singing in advance

photo Shaely Scott

Shaely Scott

Program Study: Veterinarian Technician

Hometown: Otisville, MI

Passionate about: There are a few things that I am very passionate about! Including, helping animals, and volunteering for the people in need.

photo Destinee Harvey

Destinee Harvey

Program of Study: Nursing

Hometown: Lansing, MI

Passionate about: My dogs, they're literally my best friends. Advocating for vulnerable, marginalized populations, human, and women's rights.

photo Skylar Pardee

Skylar Pardee

Program Study: Healthcare Administration

DeTour Village, MI

Passionate about: Helping the sick and injured and earning a higher education.

Port Huron - CIM

photo Kalea Barnes

Kalea Barnes

Program Study: Baking & Pastry Arts

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Passionate about: Baking with love for others & inspiring people to achieve their biggest goals.

Muskegon - CIM

photo Andrew Mendez

Andrew Mendez

Program Study: Culinary Arts

Hometown: Warsaw, IN

Passionate about: Influencing my culture and lifestyle throughout my cooking ambitions.

photo Alysse Murray

Alysee Murray

Program Study: Culinary Arts

Hometown: Cedar Springs, MI

Passionate about: Nature and making people smile