Baker Fee Catalog


Baker College is now offering a secure online environment for both students and guests to make a payment for non-tuition related items, using a credit or debit card.  This document provides the items available for payment on the website.  Additionally, this information can be found in this Payment Catalog Information document.


Payment Catalog & Descriptions:


Copy / Print Fees:
Student or Guest Payments for Copying or Printing Services

Replacement Diploma:
Payment for a New or Replacement Diploma

Event/Space Rental:
Payment for Room Rentals for Special Events, Conferences, or Meetings or Rental of Residence Halls for Non-Students

Library Fine:
Payment for a Late or Lost Library Book or Reference Materials

Parking Violation:
Payment for a Baker College Parking Ticket

Tenant Rental:
Payment of Monthly Rent/Lease for an Apartment, House, or Office/Lab Space

Replacement ID:
Payment for a Replacement of a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Baker College ID

Miscellaneous Training:
Payment for Training Provided by Baker College Outside of Registered Courses, Typically Not for Credit (Corporate Training)

Waiver Test:
Payment for a Waiver Test Administered at Baker College

Dental Fees (Clinton Township only):
Payment for Dental Services Provided at Baker College

Residence Hall Prepayment:
Returning Student Residence Hall Prepayment

Residence Life Care Package (Muskegon Only):
Muskegon Residence Hall Care Package

MATS Bus Passes (Muskegon Only):
Payments for Muskegon Area Transit System (MATS) Bus Passes

American Heart Association (Cadillac Only):
Payments for American Heart Association (AHA) Courses or Completion Cards

Drivers Education (Cadillac Only):
Payments for Drivers Education Courses



Nursing Study Abroad Deposit:
Deposit Payment for the Nursing Program Study Abroad Component

Nursing Study Abroad Travel Expenses:
Payment of the travel expenses (not including the deposit) for the Nursing Program Study Abroad Component



International Payments:
International Flywire Payments – Yearly Deposit Payments


Accessing the Fee Catalog:
You can make a payment for these fees in the following ways:


  • Login to My Baker
  • Click “One Stop”
  • Click “View Balance or Make a Payment”
  • Click “Pay a Fee”


  • Go to My Baker (
  • Click "Department Resources"
  • Click "Baker Fee Catalog"
  • Click "Pay a Fee"

Proof of Payment:
Upon the completion of payment a copy of your receipt will be emailed.  Please retain a copy of your receipt.

Proof of payment is required in order to issue a replacement diploma, replacement ID, in order to administer a waiver test or miscellaneous training, and for dental services. To receive these services please bring a copy of your receipt to your local campus OneStop.  Additionally, in order to receive credit for a payment of rent, library fines, or parking violations, please email a copy of the receipt to [email protected].


If you have any concerns, please contact our OneStop Office at [email protected] or (833) 691-7867.