Unity Council Campus Membership
(as of 5/20/20)



Dr. Iris Lane - Director of Student Affairs, Chair - [email protected]

Dr. Erin Bell - English Program Director  

Kristen Conte, Business Program Director

Dr. Manisha Sharan, Professor

Matt Corbin - Career Services Specialist

Michelle Reiter-Miller – Human Services Program Director

Kim Webster - Coordinator of Library and Learning Services



Kristin Hathaway - Director of Student Affairs, Chair, [email protected]

Kaitlyn DeBoer - Residence Hall Coordinator

Lori Dewey - Nursing Program Director

Josh Fenner - MAT2 Program Director 

Randy Hill - Vice President of Academic Affairs

Justice Odiase - Math Program Director

Katelyn Richard - Employer Relations Specialist

Mitchell Whitaker - Social Sciences Program Director



Jamie Le Roux - Program Director/Restaurant Manager, Chair, [email protected]

Nick Cornfield - Executive Chef

Justin Kinziger - Chef Instructor

Amanda Miller - Chef Instructor

Tom Recinella - Dean of Culinary

Paula Recinella - Program Director/Restaurant Manager

Rose Spickler - Adjunct Faculty

Jon Strauchman - Centralized Purchasing Steward

Jill Tucker - Adjunct Faculty

Greg Wade - Food and Beverage Management Instructor



Dr. Kristina M. Marshall - Human Services Department Chair, Social Sciences Program Director, Chair, [email protected]

Walaa Awad - Associate Professor

Michael Barrel - Coordinator of Academic Resources and Academic Point of Contact

Nicole Boelk - Director of Financial Aid Services

Carol Boyer - Disability Services Specialist

Ken Boyer - Dean, Auto/Diesel Institute

Dr. Voula Erfourth - Director of Academic Affairs

Evelyn Greaux - OTA Program Director

Michael Konopacke - Director of Student Affairs

Tiffany Lockwood - Residence Hall Coordinator

Shannon Starr, Assistant Director of Admissions – Outreach Team

Dayne Walling - Adjunct Faculty

Doug Witten - Program Director & Department Chair - Cyber Defense, Computer Science & Game Software Design

Jennifer Zuniga - Clinical Coordinator for Radiology


Lezlie Bowles – Administrative Specialist, Chair, [email protected]

Marie Bonkowski - Director of Student Affairs

Christine McDermott - Academic Specialist

Kelly O’Bryne - Administrative Assistant

Angela Pearson - Facilities Manager

Sherry Porter, Administrative Assistant 



Dr. Eric Surge - Director of Student Affairs, Chair, [email protected]

Myra S. Dutton, JD - Social Sciences Program Director

Jonathon Pate, M.Ed. - Coordinator of Student Life

Tim Stein - Director of Learning Support Services/ARC & Program Director Digital Media Design



Dr. Jessica Hoover - Program Director of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Academic Resources Coordinator, Chair, [email protected]

Rachelle Berger - Academic Advisor

Amie Losee - Director of Student Affairs

Rebecca Richmond - Instructional Designer

Heather Simon - Admissions Administrative Assistant

Dr. Tomeika Williams - Accounting Faculty, Undergraduate/Graduate

Jamie West - Student Affairs Assistant