• Create an environment that welcomes and values the diversity of our staff, faculty, and student employees.
  • Support the leadership team, administration, staff, and faculty in creating an employer brand that sustains a work environment which attracts, motivates, develops, rewards, and retains the highest caliber people.
  • Create a cost effective, comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits program.
  • Foster the development of an engaged, diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Offer a wide range of developmental opportunities promoting knowledge acquisition, skill development, personal well-being, and organizational health.
  • Design and implement policies, processes, and programs, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, which enable people to be and do their best.
  • Provide centralized expertise and service in a way that adds value and/or achieves economies of scale.
  • Develop and strengthen the college culture consistent with the people values and philosophy of the President, senior management, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Enhance services through technology.
  • Anticipate and meet the changing needs of the workforce/family.
  • Focus efforts on building programs, strategies, and teams that understand and continuously improve the entire employee experience.