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Baker College Commencement Ceremony
Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Muskegon, MI 


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Preparing for Graduation? Here's what you need to know.

  1. Graduation Requirements.  Baker College students are eligible to graduate only after the standard graduation requirements for their specific degree programs are met.  a. To view these requirements, please see the Student Handbook.
  2. Graduation Application.  Students who anticipate successful completion of their program course requirements for degrees or certificates should submit a graduation application by the first week of their final semester. 
  3. Caps and Gowns.  Items for graduation Including official commencement caps and gowns can be purchased through the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on your campus.
  4. Honor Graduates (undergraduate students only).  Graduates who achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher are awarded a special distinction at graduation:
         a.  3.90-4.00 Summa Cum Laude (gold cord)
         b.  3.70-3.89 Magna Cum Laude (silver cord)
         c.  3.50-3.69 Cum Laude (white cord)

    Unofficial honor status for undergraduates will be based on the student's GPA at the time graduation materials are prepared. If a graduate's status changes after the final audit the graduate may obtain the appropriate honor cord.
    Students graduating from Baker College who are serving or have served in the military will receive recognition cords (red/white/blue cord.)
  5. Exit Loan Counseling.  Prior to leaving Baker College, student loan borrowers are required by government regulations to complete an Exit Loan Counseling session.  To begin your exit counseling session at the Department of Education’s web site, click here: Exit Loan Counseling.


Post-graduation Information

  1. Diplomas. Diplomas and certificates will be mailed approximately eight weeks after the semester ends.  If a balance is owed to the college the diploma will be held until the obligation is satisfied. Certificates and diplomas are mailed at no charge.  You also have an option to order an ediploma for an additional charge. For more information, please visit the Certified Electronic Credential Overview.
  2. Continuing your Education with Baker College.  Thinking about taking the next step in your education?  We can help! Baker College offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students pursuing advanced degrees.

    To learn more about scholarship eligibility, award amounts, application deadlines, and scholarship requirements, view our scholarship page.
  3. Staying Connected to Baker College via Social Media.  Even though you've graduated there are still a variety of ways to stay up to date and engaged with BC. Our social media channels on popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, instagram, YouTube and others provide a daily dose of fun, informative and relevant content for you to enjoy.  Join the multitude of BakerProud students. alumni, faculty and staff by following us or subscribing to our social media channels today!


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