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Payment Due Dates:

To determine if a balance is due on your account, review your course and fee statement by logging in to the Student Finance Center.

SPRING 2020 SEMESTER: In order to avoid a $50 late fee please ensure all balances are paid in full, or enrolled in a payment plan, no later than February 7, 2020

FALL 2019 SEMESTER: In order to register for spring or summer 2020 courses, all balances must be paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan. Please see the “Current Semester Payment Plan” section below for payment deadlines.


Payment Plans

Select an item below for more information.

Current Semester Payment Plan


Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Payment Plan Enrollment Begins

July 1 December 1 April 1
Last day to enroll in a payment plan

October 14

March 14

June 14

Balance Due: No Payment Plan

September 27

 February 7 June 12

Balance Due: With Payment Plan

November 15

April 15

July 15


Employer Deferred Payment Plans


Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Payment Plan Enrollment Begins: Employer Deferred Payment Plan

July 1 December 1 April 1

Last Day to Enroll in a Payment Plan: Employer Deferred Payment Plan

December 15 May 15 August 15

Balance Due: Employer Deferred Payment Plan

January 1

 June 1 September 1


Past Due Payment Plan


Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Payment Plan Enrollment Begins: Past Due Payment Plan

October 15 March 15 June 15

Last Day to Enroll in a Payment Plan: Past Due Payment Plan

January 15 June 15 September 15



*  Note: a $50 late fee will be applied to all accounts not paid in full by the due dates listed above. In addition, future classes will be dropped and students will not be allowed to register until their balance is paid-in-full.


Financial Aid Dates


Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Financial aid available for bookstore purchases

Note:  May be extended if funds available (contact OneStop)

August 5 -
September 6

December 9 -
January 17
April 27 - May 31

Census Date (used to determine Pell eligibility)

September 4

 January 15 May 27

Earliest date financial aid will be disbursed to student accounts

September 10

 January 21 June 2

Earliest date loans will be refunded

Note:  Refunds may take up to 14 days from the point financial aid is disbursed to the student’s account

September 13

 January 24 June 5

First loan disbursement for new borrowers

October 1

 February 11 June 23

Second loan disbursements for one-semester loans

October 29

 March 17 June 30

Earliest date grant and scholarship funds will be refunded

November 1

 March 20 July 24

Earliest date financial aid will be disbursed to students who are enrolled only in second session classes

November 5

 March 24 June 30

Earliest date financial aid will be refunded to students who are enrolled only in second session classes

November 8

 March 27 July 2

*  Note: These dates are tentative and are based on regulatory requirements for each program.  Review the information below for additional details to determine when funds will actually be available.


Completion of your Financial Aid & Loans: To ensure your financial aid funds are paid timely, please verify that you have completed all required paperwork and processes prior to August 1, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. Watch for emails from Financial Aid and monitor your status by logging in to your Student Financial Aid Portal. If you have questions about your financial aid awards or requested documents, please contact the OneStop.


2020/2021 FAFSA Available October 1, 2019


Financial Aid Disbursements: Before funds can be applied to your account, you must meet the federal requirements (i.e. course start dates, academic activity, minimum registered hours, etc.).

Pell Funds:

  • The Census Date is used to determine your enrollment status for Pell Grant awarding. Additional information about the Census Date is available on the OneStop Portal.
  • Pell funds will not be applied to your account until at least one of your courses has begun and your instructor provides documentation of academic activity in the course.


Loan Funds:

  • You will receive an email when loan funds have been applied to your Baker College account.
  • New students receiving their first student loan: By regulation, we cannot apply loan funds to your account until 30 days after your first class begins.  
  • Students who requested a one-semester only loan: Federal regulations require that loans for a single term be paid in two disbursements. To qualify for the second disbursement, students must be registered at least half time after the midpoint of the semester.  The second disbursement will be applied to your account after that date.

Excess Aid Refund Checks: Students who receive financial aid or loans in excess of their charges, will be issued a refund through BankMobile. In order to receive your excess aid refund timely, be sure to activate your refund preference (you can select to have your refund applied to a BankMobile Vibe debit card account, or have the funds sent directly to your bank account). Additional information about the BankMobile process is available on the OneStop Portal by selecting BankMobile.

Course Withdrawals: While we hope you do not need to withdraw from any courses, we want you to be aware of the withdrawal and refund policies. Please review the Class Withdrawal and Refund Policies document for details.

If you do not attend or if you withdraw from any classes, your financial aid eligibility may be impacted. Non-attendance or withdrawals may result in a loss of financial aid and a balance due to the College. Please contact the OneStop Office prior to withdrawing from classes.

Additional Questions

Many of your questions can be answered by viewing the Financial Aid FAQ’s on the OneStop Portal. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at [email protected], call us at (833) MY1-STOP, or visit the OneStop office at your campus.