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Concern Reporting Process


Please note, the Baker College Concern Report Form is for any concern from any student or individual for topics unrelated to the following categories:  Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Harassment, Grade Disputes, or Lawsuits.  The processes for submitting concerns in those areas can be found at Baker College Complaint Policies.

This form does not replace the support request ticket system available at

All Baker College staff/faulty should refer to the Employee Handbook for information regarding complaint reporting policies.  

College administrators, faculty and staff are prohibited from retaliating (including intimidating, threatening, coercing, or in any way discriminating against) any individual as a result of a complaint submission.

Contact Information



First Name: 


Last Name: 


Phone Number:   (999) 999-9999


Preferred Method of Contact: 

Please be sure to include an email address if you would like a receipt of this submission.


Do you currently have a My Baker Account? 


Department Selection



Select a Department of concern.

This complaint system is not intended to reports emergencies.  Please contact your Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Coordinator or Campus Safety department directly if this is an emergency.  If you have a Facilities concern, please use the FAMIS Maintenance Ticket System.

This form does not replace the support request ticket system available at


Campus Selection


Select a Campus of concern (if applicable).





Please describe your concern.


What do you believe is a fair resolution to your concern?


Have you previously reported this concern to any Baker College representative?

Submit Request


Baker College will use the information you provide to assist with resolving your formal complaint.  By signing this document and submitting a formal complaint, you consent to Baker College’s disclosure of any protected or confidential information that may be needed to review your complaint, including referring complaints to another organization with jurisdiction and authority over the issue.


The information given in this complaint is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I understand that if I fail to respond to requests for additional information or to questions about this complaint, the college may dismiss my complaint.


Electronic Signature Date/Time:

3/29/2020, 4:05 AM