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There is no shortage of cyber attackers that seek to compromise systems, steal valuable personal data, and ultimately wreak havoc on individuals and organizations.  We want to remind you to be vigilant when you’re linked into the virtual world.

Below are some common warning signs to watch out for while connected online:

  • Does the site or email look strange? Is the color off? Is the logo grainy or distorted? If so, this could be a sign of a malicious website posing as a legitimate website.
  • Did you click through the link in an email or social media site? It’s always better to type the address (URL) to ensure that it’s a legitimate site.
  • Is a website that you’ve visited now asking for personal information but hasn’t in the past? This could be a fake version of a legitimate website, especially if you clicked through from an email or social media.
  • Did you receive an email, from either a known or unknown recipient, requesting personal data and/or asking you to click through to another website that doesn’t match historic patterns? Be aware – this could be a dangerous and malicious link!

The online world is full of virtual landmines. Be cautious. Be aware. Be vigilant. In other words, you see something that you’re unsure about – say something. Please contact the ITSC at,, or (800) 645-8350.



For additional information about My Baker Single Sign-On visit our Baker SSO page.

Please keep in mind, closing a tab for My Baker or Blackboard WILL NOT log you out of SSO.

Logging out of My Baker or Blackboard will log you out of SSO for the CURRENT application, but will not log you out of the OTHER application.

Once logged out of an application, you will need to login again to SSO for that application.

To be completely logged out of SSO, you must close your web browser.  This is especially true if you are using a public or shared computer.


For additional resources, including videos and instructions, for Blackboard, Google, Solar, My Baker, and many other systems used here at the College, visit our My Help website.  For directions on activating or resetting a password, visit the My Help Password Reset page.


Log in Assistance

For additional resources, including videos and instructions, for Blackboard, Google, Solar, My Baker, and many other systems used here at the College, visit our My Help website.

As of the close of business on April 13, 2016, Baker College email communications will now be sent to the student's email address only.  Baker College users can access their email account from the portal.  Please contact the ITSC if there are any problems accessing your BakerMail account. 


Timesheets are now accessible from  They can be accessed from any location without any time restrictions.

- Thank you, Payroll Department

Spring and Summer 2016 registration will begin on Monday, February 22, at 12:00 AM (EST)!  Check out our Registration Info page for more information.


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