Accommodation Testing

All testing in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is by appointment only. Students must have a documented accommodation (e.g., quiet environment, extended time, etc.) on file and their Baker student ID card in order to test in the ARC. Instructors must complete a Test Proctoring Form for each student and test prior to testing.


Disability Services


Waiver Testing

All waiver tests must be taken by the student prior to the beginning of the course. Once a student begins a course, they are not eligible to take a waiver test. The waiver test for a course may be taken only once.

Following is a list of courses with waiver tests available:

  • COM 1010 Composition and Critical Thinking I
  • HSC 1010 Introduction to Health Professions
  • MTH 1010 Quantitative Literacy
  • MTH 1110 College Algebra I
  • MTH 1120 College Algebra II
  • SPN1010 Spanish I

For more information about waiver tests, please email [email protected].

CLEP Testing

This rigorous program allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit.

For more information on CLEP testing, please visit: