Safety Tips


Personal Safety

  • Keep your book bag, purse, and other personal belongings in your view at all times.
  • Never prop open doors, even for a short time.
  • When walking, try to walk in groups or with someone.
  • Walk in areas that are well-lit and well traveled.
  • Walk confidently and assertively.
  • Be alert to your surroundings.
  • Purses and back packs should be carried close to the body and under one arm.
  • Do not hitchhike.
  • Do not listen to earphones while walking, driving, bicycling, or rollerblading.
  • Walk facing traffic if possible.


Safety Tips

  • Alcohol and drugs significantly diminish psychological control mechanisms. Avoid their use.
  • Communicate honestly.
  • Stand up for yourself.
  • Be assertive in setting the boundaries of a relationship.
  • Realize the potential for acquaintance rape and look for danger signals.
  • Be willing to make a commotion if necessary.
  • Clearly reject unwanted sexual contact.
  • Only go to well-populated public places when you are getting to know someone.

It is never right to force yourself on another.
Remember, “NO” means “NO.”