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Cardiac Sonography (CAS) Program Information

Associate of Applied Science


Curriculum Accreditation Performance


This program prepares students by academic and clinical training to provide patient services using diagnostic ultrasound to perform cardiac echo testing under the supervision of a doctor of cardiology. This program will prepare students to perform these skills in a variety of healthcare settings.


This program is offered on the following campus: Auburn Hills (AH)
OneStop    (833) MY1-STOP    [email protected]

Cardiac Sonography (CAS) Program (AAS)

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Program Waiver / Handbook

Program Mission & Outcomes


The mission of the Cardiac Sonography Program is to provide each student with quality educational experiences, which will prepare them to readily make the transition from student to competent entry level Cardiac Sonographer.

By the end of the program, the student will...

  • Apply patient care methods appropriate to an entry?level sonographer.
  • Apply mathematical computations in echo/Doppler measurements.
  • Analyze human gross and sectional anatomy.
  • Exercise appropriate judgment of machine instrumentation and the use of electronic controls in the optimization of the EKG trace or ultrasound image.
  • Apply the principles of acoustical physics and Doppler ultrasound theory to the ultrasound exam.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical judgment inherent in health care.
  • Integrate pertinent patient history and supporting clinical data and observations made during the procedure for presentations to the interpreting physician.
  • Recognize cardiac pathology and exercise appropriate judgment in obtaining ultrasound images for the interpreting physician.
  • Explore current technologies related to the field of cardiac sonography.


Course Student Learning Outcomes

Academic Plan

Background Check Requirements

Yes, Background Check required.  Visit the Background Checks page for more information.


Additional Program Information

Limited Enrollment Program Information

Application Semester: Spring       Health Science Limited Enrollment Application Spring 2020

Admission Exam: Test of Required Academic Skills (TEAS), 30% of ranking

Additional Information:  Health Science Limited Enrollment Program

Required Courses:
Full acceptance into the professional track of some programs is limited due to clinical or work site availability. Students compete to earn acceptance into these programs. All students having successfully completed the conditional acceptance requirements, are eligible to apply. Admittance criteria for all limited enrollment health science programs features a common set of prerequisite courses prior to acceptance to their selected program. Students have the opportunity to apply to multiple limited enrollment programs due to the common set of required courses used for the selection process.

General Education Courses

(Minimum Grade C)

Required Courses

(Minimum Grade B- )

Weighted Courses

(Minimum Grade B- )

(70% of Ranking)

ENG 1010 HSC 1010 BIO 1210
ENG 1020   BIO 1211
MTH 1110   BIO 1220
PSY 1110   BIO 1221
SPK 2010   BIO 2150


Students may attempt to earn a seat in a Limited Enrollment program up to two times. An attempt is defined as having completed all prerequisite coursework at or above the minimum grade required, completed the entrance exam, but were not awarded a seat due to their standing and limited seat capacity. Students reapplying must complete the program reapplication process including submitting a new application.

Note:  If you are a new transfer student or currently completing a required course at another institution, you must request an Official Transcript be sent to Baker College.  Your Official Transcript must be received by 5:00 pm the last Friday of the semester.  If you have previously provided your Official Transcript, you do not need to supply it again.


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