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Alumni Testimonials

Sean Julian Photo
Doug Witten, Sean Julian

My experiences at Baker College has paved the way for my future.  The Cyber Defense program gave me the knowledge to succeed. While the Cyber Defense team gave me the opportunity to apply that knowledge, gaining experience, in high pressure team environment.  Two years after graduating, I am exceeding my own career aspirations. I am not sure I could have received these tools anywhere else.

Sean Julian
IT Coordinator | Lear Corporation

Always volunteer, you never know what you might learn or who you will meet.  If you can't figure out what something is, unplug it, someone will come screaming.  You could be top of your class, but remember that a lot more can be accomplished when you're part of a team.

Eric Ignash
IT Specialist | Department of Defense

Eric Ignash Photo
Doug Witten, Eric Ignash
John Neiling Photo
Doug Witten, John Neiling. Greg Kent

The knowledge, skills, and teamwork I have obtained from the Cyber Defense program at Baker College have expanded my current and future employment opportunities.

John Neiling
Security and Risk Lead | Means Industries

Baker College provided me with the tools and skills to succeed in my career.  They challenged me to think outside of the box, to accomplish projects and tasks within a specified deadline, and promoted our ability to work as a team and excel at written and oral communication.  My time on the Cyber Defense team while at Baker College excelled my knowledge above and beyond what a classroom can do for you.  Every day we would strive to enhance our skill set, researching cyber-attacks, implementing security measures to thwart potential risks, and how to properly write incident response reports.  I am currently a System Engineer at a Structured Technologies, a Managed Service Provider, and I know without a doubt that the knowledge I received at Baker College is how achieved the success I have in my career.

Marcus Robbins
System Engineer | Structured Technologies

Marcus Robbin Photo
Marcus Robbins, Doug Witten
Rory Gallager Photo
Rory Gallager, Doug Witten

Baker's classes are great, but my time and experience on Baker College's CCDN (Collegiate Cyber Defense Network) and CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions) teams escalated my skills to an entirely other level.  The experience puts you in real-world information security situations, with extreme time-based challenges, all while a group of professional Red Team hackers are trying to penetrate and sabotage the network.  I didn't know it at the time, but this is exactly what students can expect to encounter in the real-world, with just as much stress and pressure as the competitions.  The best part?  Because I had that experience, I was already prepared to excel.  Without my time and experience at Baker College, I would not be where I am today.

Rory Gallager
Sr. Security Analytics and Automation Engineer | Apple Information Security