Tuition Payments

Tuition may be paid at registration, prior to the start of the semester, or through an approved payment plan (there is a $35 enrollment fee for payment plans).  Invoices are generated throughout the semester and are available for viewing and payment on the student portal.  Real-time account information is also available on the Course and Fees Statement through the Student Finance Center.

Paying Tuition:

  • Online, on the student portal (Student Finance Center), select Make a Payment
      • ACH
      • Credit/Debit Card
      • Foreign Currency – Flywire

        Note: There is a 2.75% fee for use of a domestic credit/debit card and a 4.25% fee for use of an international credit/debit card. Baker College accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

        Fees for Flywire payments vary based on the current exchange rate for the selected currency

        No fee is associated with ACH payments.

  • Personal Check or Money Order Mailed to Baker College or Delivered to the OneStop Office.
  • Cash Payments at a OneStop Office.

Absenteeism and withdrawals may not reduce a student’s financial obligation (see Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy).


Payment Plan Options



ENROLL EARLY!  The earlier students enroll in a payment plan the more time they have to pay.  Enrollment in a payment plan can give students up to 5 months to pay their balance each semester.

Enrollment Begins:

  • Fall Semester - July 1st
  • Spring Semester - December 1st
  • Summer Semester – April 1st

Other dates regarding payment plan deadlines are located on the Important Dates & Information page on MyBaker.


Example: Current Semester Payment Plan:
Fall 2019 Tuition Balance = $4,860.00
Payment Plan Enrollment: July 5th

Due Dates Payment Installment
7/15* $972.00
8/15 $972.00
9/15 $972.00
10/15 $972.00
11/15 $972.00

*This is an optional down payment. The first official payment due date will be the 15th of the month following enrollment.


Enroll Today:

  • Login to Student Finance Center
  • Click "Make a Payment"
  • You will be redirected to your Student Portal
  • Choose any Available Installment Plan under the
    Installment Payment Plans Portlet.
            - OR -
  • Visit a Local Campus OneStop Office for Assistance



The Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program is a tuition deferment payment plan option available to students whose employers pay tuition costs.  Enrollment in this program allows students to defer the majority of tuition payments until after the semester ends.  Students must enroll in the payment plan each semester they wish to defer tuition payments.  There is a non-refundable $35 enrollment fee due each semester for this program.

To be eligible for the program, the student must submit the following:

Completed forms can be submitted to [email protected] or visit your local campus OneStop Office.


Example: Employer Tuition Reimbursement Payment Plan:
Fall 2019 Tuition Balance = $4,860.00
Payment Plan Enrollment: July 10th

Due Dates
Payment Installment
(2% of beginning balance after enrollment due each month, with remaining 90% of the balance due the month after the semester ends)
8/1 $97.90
9/1 $97.90
10/1 $97.90
11/1 $97.90
12/1 $97.90
1/1 $4,370.50


It is the student's responsibility to submit the invoice and grades to the employer.  Baker College will not bill the employer directly.  Any portion of tuition not paid by the employer must be paid by the student by the deadline stated on the contract.



Payment plans are available to ease the burden of paying off a past due balance.  Please contact an advisor for details at [email protected] or by calling (855) 752-3426.

Students with outstanding balances may not be allowed to re-enroll for another semester (previously registered courses will be dropped); to receive official transcripts of credit, letters of recommendation or diplomas; to participate in commencement ceremonies; or to use any Baker College service until their Baker College account is settled.

Note:  Federal regulations prohibit the use of Title IV funds toward a past due balance greater than $200.

Unpaid balances will be sent to an outside collection agency and will be reported to the credit bureau(s).  Baker College reserves the right to charge students for collection costs.


Third Party Payments



Employers who provide tuition assistance issue a voucher, letter of credit, or tuition assistance form for tuition.  The student must turn this documentation into the OneStop Office, upon receipt. Please verify that all information is correct, including start date(s), course name(s), and course number(s).  The College will invoice the student’s employer using this document, and employers will send payment directly to the College.  Any unpaid balance is the responsibility of the student. It is also the student’s responsibility to obtain the voucher.  The College will not invoice the student’s employer unless he or she has turned in the voucher/form.



If a student will be using veteran assistance (VA) benefits through the GI Bill® to pay for tuition and fees, any portion of these charges, not covered by the GI Bill®, is due by the published due date of each semester.  If a student will be using veteran assistance (VA) benefits through the GI Bill® to assist with the cost of books/supplies, Baker College allows the cost of these materials to be charged to the student account in anticipation of the VA book stipend being released to the student.  If the student has not received his or her VA book payment by the published due date for the semester, the student is still responsible for payment of the balance.  Due dates for each semester are located on the Important Dates & Information page of MyBaker.  A late fee may be applied in accordance with these dates.

If the student believes he or she may have problems paying the balance, if a VA payment is delayed, the student should contact the OneStop Office. The student may be eligible to apply for financial aid.

Baker College does not impose a penalty on students in the event payment is delayed for any portion of their balance covered by the GI Bill®.  Delays in payment of these benefits does not result in a late fee or prevent students from registering, continuing in their current courses, or maintaining access to other Baker College services.  If any portion of a balance, originally covered by the GI Bill®, is later denied payment by VA, the student is responsible for payment of that portion of the balance.  Some common reasons for a partial payment under the GI Bill® are withdrawals from courses, a change in student eligibility, or loss of eligibility/exhaustion of benefits.

Questions regarding VA certifications should be directed to [email protected].

For more information regarding benefit eligibility, please visit the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.



Common third party forms of payment include, but are not limited to:

  • MI Works!
  • Michigan Education Trust (MET)
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)
  • Tuition Assistance Vouchers (Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, etc.)

A student is responsible for turning in any vouchers/documents, issued by an outside agency authorizing payment of tuition, fees, and/or books/supplies, to the OneStop Office, upon receipt.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all vouchers/documents, issued by an outside agency electronically, have been received by the College for each semester they are planning to use outside funding.  Once a voucher has been received a student can see the anticipated funds as "pending" toward their semester charges on the Student Portal, located on the Student Finance Center page by selecting Make a Payment.



Financial Services will use students’ Baker College e-mail accounts to contact students regarding changes to account balances.  It is very important to read these notices to ensure knowledge of account status.  The emails will alert students to balance due amounts, refund status, adjustments to tuition charges resulting from withdrawal calculations, and loan postings to student accounts.