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Healthcare administrators plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, private and public clinics, agencies, and other healthcare organizations. Some administrators specialize in one area, such as finance or marketing, but others have broader responsibilities that can range from managing people and services to developing procedures to improve the quality of health services.


Healthcare Administration Program (BS)

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Program Handbook

Program Mission & Outcomes


Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate leadership skills through management functions (planning, organizing, staffing and controlling) in healthcare decision-making situations.
  2. Utilize skills of planning, budgeting, financial reporting and scientific practice to critically think and formulate solutions in healthcare.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge in health law and regulatory requirements related to healthcare management.
  4. Evaluate decisions and situations within a healthcare setting that may have ethical implications and how to deal with them accordingly.
  5. Communicate ideas effectively, be able to comprehend information, and respond appropriately and efficiently, within a healthcare setting.
  6. Demonstrate professional behaviors and attitudes that promote success in the workplace as well as effective social interaction with diverse populations across a range of situations.
  7. Assess the role of delivery systems within the healthcare industry.
  8. Incorporate awareness of self, others, and community in the areas of intercultural competence, inclusion and equity, teamwork, professional and ethical behavior, community responsibility and engagement, civic knowledge, and global and cultural perspectives.


The mission of the Bachelor of Healthcare Administration program is to provide diverse students with learner-centered education and preparation to further their careers as health managers. The program prepares students to successfully plan, direct, coordinate, budget and assess activities in a variety of healthcare settings while working with the numerous challenges confronting healthcare organizations today.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized by students, peers, employers, and alumni as a high-quality online academic program in the field of healthcare administration.

Core Values

We support our vision via Consideration, Honesty, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Citizenship (CHIIC).

Effective: Fall 2020


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