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Did you know that individuals who share their goals with someone, such as a mentor, are 70% more likely to achieve them? Having a mentor allows you to receive personalized assistance with your academic inquiries and can connect you to all the services available through Baker College. If you are interested in having a mentor who will assist you on your educational journey, please complete the application below. 


Benefits of having a mentor:

1.  Gain valuable knowledge that will aid in your success

2. Discover opportunities to get involved

3. Develop social skills

4. Create lasting friendships


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For more information about the Peer Mentoring program, please contact your campus DSA.

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I am interested in becoming a mentor

Peer Mentors are students who wish to help their fellow peers succeed at Baker College. They are responsible for reaching out to mentees and connecting them to resources, as well as providing an environment that fosters personal, academic and professional success. When you participate as a Peer Mentor, you will be awarded a cord or sash to be worn at graduation. 


Benefits of becoming a Mentor: 

1. Develop mentorship/leadership skills

2. Help others

3. Build your resume

4. Meet new people


Expectations of a Mentor:

1. Commit to complete six hours of interactive training 

2. Commit to  monthly check-ins with a campus board member

3. Commit to meeting with mentee at least twice per month

4. Commit to the mentoring program for one academic year

5. Commit to serving 


Training will include:

1. Mentoring skills (case studies, role playing, etc.) 

2. Campus and community resources

3. Select DEI trainings


For more information about the Peer Mentoring program, please contact your campus DSA.

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