Peer Mentoring



The Peer Mentoring program was developed with the primary purpose of offering students a supportive peer to assist with the transition to Baker College, while teaching valuable mentorship skills to those who seek to guide others on their educational and personal journey.

We work collectively to create and maintain student partnerships.

We strive to establish relationships that promote personal and academic success.

We offer the opportunity for mentors to share advice, experiences and resources.

We take a student-centered approach to understand and serve the diverse needs of those seeking mentorship.

We seek to promote an inclusive community where diversity is encouraged and appreciated.





Frequently Asked Questions.


What will a mentor do for me?

A mentor will help you navigate the complexities of college while providing a listening ear when you need it.


Can anyone request a mentor?

Absolutely! This opportunity is available to any student who feels they could benefit from having a mentor.


What is the time commitment to be a mentor?

We ask our mentors to commit for a full academic year unless you have a special circumstance. (graduating, moving, etc.)


How do I prepare to be a mentor?

Mentor training consists of six hours of interactive workshops (either in-person or virtual) which provide valuable information on mentoring skills, DEI and campus resources.